Use the Lyft app for friendly, affordable rides whenever you need a lift.

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: February 16, 2018
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 10,000,000 - 50,000,000



Need a lift? Use Lyft to get an affordable ride in minutes. Instead of hailing a cab or waiting for the bus, just request a car with the tap of a button, and get picked up by a nearby friendly driver who’ll take you to your destination right away. Enjoy a welcoming, affordable, and memorable ride today.

Our app is cheaper than a taxi, faster than the bus, and easy to use

• Getting Started: After downloading Lyft and signing up, simply open the app and request a ride.

• Paying: Never worry about having cash for a cab or the bus again — with Lyft, you pay through your phone. It’s easy, fast, and secure.

• Split the Cost: Easily split the cost of a ride with friends through the app. No more IOU’s.

About Our Drivers
• All Lyft drivers pass comprehensive background and DMV checks before being approved for the service.

• Drivers are rated by passengers and only the highest-rated drivers are allowed on the road.

• Lyft provides a first-of-its-kind $1M liability insurance for total peace of mind.

Join the millions who’ve chosen Lyft instead of a cab for commuting, going out at night, and getting to events. Next time you need a ride, skip the bus, taxi, or car service and choose Lyft.

Prices vary based on market condition.
By downloading the app, you agree (i) to receive communications from Lyft, including push notifications; and (ii) to allow Lyft to collect your device’s language settings. You can opt out of receiving push notifications through your device settings.


139,335 total
5 96,551 
4 14,680 
3 6,901 
2 4,243 
1 16,960 

  • Lyft
    Published date: February 18, 2018

    Do not let Keith Missouri drive with y'all company he was fired from uber for safety reasons Full Review

  • Lyft
    Jessica Pluemer Published date: February 16, 2018

    Fantastic app, fantastic drivers. Keep up the good work Full Review

  • Lyft
    Bethany Putnam Published date: February 18, 2018

    I hate the fact that when there is a questionable balance on my account, there is NO HELP with it at ALL! Just today, I got a charge from San Fransisco and I'm on the opposite side of the country! I can't even get this new update even when I put the numbers in correctly. Lyft needs to know that they can't just ignore people. The online 'HELP' tool doesn't even load!! If it wasn't for the great drivers on Lyft, I would have given it 1star Full Review

  • Lyft
    Adrianna Tortorella Published date: February 17, 2018

    If you request a ride and try to cancel after 2 minutes they charge you $5. I tried getting a lyft and waited over 10 minutes and tried contacting the driver that WAS NOT MOVING. MY boyfriend requested on and the other guy came fast. Don't think I'm going to use this app that likes taking money for services not provided. Full Review

  • Lyft
    cw cw Published date: February 17, 2018

    The drivers claim to be here waiting for me when they are far away still in traffic. It is a lie to claim no show fees. Dishonest drivers claim fake damage charges and lyft doesn't even talk to victim. There is no phone so u must email them. Then they never respond to emails. One diver took 23 mile route for a 2 mile distance and no discount was provided. Full Review

  • Lyft
    Veda Ko Published date: February 18, 2018

    JUST SIGNED up for Lyft. Am a completely New user and tried to use a promo cafe and left wouldn't let me because the app automatically redeemed some other new user code when I registered. Lame. Would not recommend or use Lyft. Full Review

  • Lyft
    Lola Love Published date: February 16, 2018

    Really starting to hate lyft😤 pay lots of money just to make it late to work everyday... can't wait till my car is fixed 💯 Full Review

  • Lyft
    Published date: February 19, 2018

    Overcharged by more than double the price quoted. No way to contact customer service. Very poor email response from staff with very poor English language skills. Full Review

  • Lyft
    Yuliya Boublikova Published date: February 19, 2018

    I decided to try lyft because I heard they treated their drivers better than uber. My experience was bad. The driver called me and said he wasnt coming because I was "too far." Folks, I was 7 minutes away from where he was according to the app. He told me that I can cancel my ride and wouldnt be charged for it. I tried to do so and the app warned me that I would be charged a 5 dollar cancellation fee. I called the driver back and told him to do it on his end. He took 20 minites to finally cancel the ride on his end and the app assigned me a new driver. Needless to say I was 30 minutes late for work. When I emailed support they claim they only have record of the ride I finally ended up taking and not anything that happened before that. I would not recommend this app. Full Review

  • Lyft
    Mercedes Published date: February 16, 2018

    I have been using lyft for two weeks now every driver is friendly and there cars are clean but this morning when i was trying to use a lyft it told me it cant accept my debit card witch i dont understand because ive been using the same debit card for two weeks Full Review

  • Lyft
    DJ Published date: February 16, 2018

    Needs to be way more honest with its line ETAs. I chose a Lyft Line because the original estimated ETA (2:30pm) was only 5 minutes off from the estimated time for a regular Lyft (2:25). That was with a 17 minute wait for the ride to show up included. Once the ride came, another rider was added, sending my ETA to 2:55. That's ridiculous. I ended up getting to my destination, almost an hour after I scheduled the car. That's crazy. It was only 1.5 miles away, I could've just walked there. I can see adding a bit of time to a Lyft Line but adding 25 minutes after a 17 minute wait for a car is not acceptable in my opinion. I'll just cancel the next time or use Uber. Full Review

  • Lyft
    Deyon Canada Published date: February 16, 2018

    I enjoyed lyft at first but now i noticed they charge my card sometimes when i decide not to give a bad driver a tip. Also i constantly go to my best friend's house and the cost to go there gets higher everytime Full Review

  • Lyft
    Published date: February 16, 2018

    This App and the service provided is awesome! Friendly drivers, clean and well maintained vehicles, car arrival for pick up is less than 10 minutes, cheaper than Uber, with user friendly directions. LOVE it!! I use Lyft very frequently!! Full Review

  • Lyft
    James Burtch Published date: February 17, 2018

    The fact I have to give one star is an insult to me. They have royally pissed us off. Uber is far superior. Lyft is easy on the eyes to use my wife and I tried booking 2 different rides to tour Chicago and the first ride canceled on us. Fine that happens. So were assigned another ride. They never showed up, and Lyft charged us. We then tried getting a new Lyft ride and it never showed up. While this is happening we saw at least 4 Ubers come to the hotel and take their passengers. It's just not efficient and I don't plan on using it again. -4/10 because Lyft wasted our time. Full Review

  • Lyft
    Stephanie Stephens Published date: February 17, 2018

    I been using Lyft for a couple years now. Never had a issue until now. I took a trip to Goodwill for a job interview. It said it would be 9.51. After the route, it tried to charge my card over 12$. I researched the ticket/receipt. Both locations for pick up and drop off was incorrect. The driver apparently took the ride all the way to her home after dropping me off. Now it says in the app that I owe them 4$ and that I have to pay before using Lyft again and that makes me upset because I use Lyft faithfully every Sunday for church. If this isn't rectified by in the morning, it's going to mess me up for going to church. Because this is so unprofessional, and at my inconvenience I deserve a credit to my account or a refund. This is unfair to me. Full Review

  • Lyft
    Cynthia Harris Published date: February 18, 2018

    These drivers are top-notch and wonderful, well-worth taking a ride or more with! Lyft is quite easy and convenient to use, period. Will definitely be using this app much more!!! Full Review

  • Lyft
    Mike Kump Published date: February 17, 2018

    Too many times, linked with drivers who have no plan to pick me up. They will drive in the opposite direction for miles before the Lyft app allows me to change or cancel the ride without a fee Full Review

  • Lyft
    Smallwood ofFiji Published date: February 15, 2018

    The map needs to be updated because drivers are often misguided or set in longer routes but overall pretty good and useful app Full Review

  • Lyft
    Stefan Lee Published date: February 15, 2018

    Use uber. Lyft has hidden charges and is much more expensive than competitors. Better off not supporting this. Full Review

  • Lyft
    Kevin O'Hare Published date: February 15, 2018

    App kicking me over to closer drivers does not allow cancellation of ride without penalty. Full Review

  • Lyft
    lee andra tartaglia Published date: February 15, 2018

    drivers always cancel rides with no penalty but god forbid the rider cancels a ride Full Review

  • Lyft
    mrclean2500 Published date: February 16, 2018

    Doesn't let you preorder rides anymore? This was the original reason I used lyft over uber, I guess I'm going back to the other guys now 😬😬😬 Full Review

  • Lyft
    Nyc Stand up Published date: February 16, 2018

    Way better then uber! Easier to use, user friendly interface. Uber blocked my account that I had with them for over 1 yr they didnt even give a reason at all nor did i have any rides that were not paid for in full🤔🤔 so idk what the hell happend!!😡😡 I use the same debit card on the lyft app and have not had a problem at all for the past 6 months! great app keep up the good work👍🏾 Full Review

  • Lyft
    Perazia Fulmer Published date: February 14, 2018

    I can't locate the set time for pick up on my phone and I don't know why I see where it's suppose to be located at but I don't have that Full Review

  • Lyft
    Laura V Published date: February 19, 2018

    Wow an app that not only doesn't work after demanding your cell number and personal info, but actually doesn't know where Grand Central Station NYC is. Major fail. Saw an ad for this on the train so thought I would try it, but can't even get past the map! Waste of time Full Review

  • Lyft
    Gary Gomez Published date: February 13, 2018

    They charge drivers an abusive amount of money, they are stealing, because if it's not fair, it's not right Full Review

  • Lyft
    Sam Green Published date: February 18, 2018

    There must be a lag in the program but 4 out of 5 times ive used this its taken 10 minutes if not longer for it to register where i wanted the pick up location to me. Wont be using again Full Review

  • Lyft
    halophonia Published date: February 13, 2018

    This app pisses me off i want to change my payment method and every damn time itll give me a error that it "cant be processed at this time" this needs to be fixed or ill just stop to use this app!! Full Review

  • Lyft
    Phil Stetz Published date: February 16, 2018

    There is no need to send push notifications at 3 am local. You guys suck for doing that. Full Review

  • Lyft
    Tony Gilmore Published date: February 19, 2018

    Incompetent drivers. Never showed up. Went the opposite direction from my house and texted that he had arrived 3 miles away. I canceled it but was still charged $24.35. How do I get refunded? Full Review

  • Lyft
    Kunal Aggarwal Published date: February 17, 2018

    Lyft offered me a 25% discount on rides and marked up their fares to match it for those without the discount. Clearly an unethical way of cheating customers. Full Review

  • Lyft
    Loyd Ramsey Published date: February 17, 2018

    They show up quickly..and the rate is fair...I'm not using any one else Full Review

  • Lyft
    Published date: February 18, 2018

    unable to set pickup location, even with gps turned on Full Review

  • Lyft
    Becky Cruz Published date: February 15, 2018

    Company allowed driver to my steal money off my card .... Full Review

  • Lyft
    valatina sanchez Published date: February 18, 2018

    I literally put a address in it said 19 dollars then 10 mins later it went up to 35 dollars they are a scammers Full Review

  • Lyft
    Jennifer Houston Published date: February 17, 2018

    Drivers don't always know where they are taking passengers. A driver arrived and refused to take us to the airport Full Review

  • Lyft
    Chris Hernandez Published date: February 17, 2018

    I wasn't happy today that Lyft cost me double the normal rate when just this morning I grabbed Uber for half the cost Full Review

  • Lyft
    Dennis Hong Published date: February 18, 2018

    lyft charged a variety of fees that was not disclosed at the started of the ride (base fee, distance based fee, service fee, etc.). ended up paying 50% more ($10+) than what was estimated. would not recommend. Full Review

  • Lyft
    Aaron good Published date: February 15, 2018

    I love the app, but recently it hasn't been working it's not letting me request a lyft it keeps saying update my payment method then it shuts down I need this issue fixed asap because I really love lyft I would hate to have to going back to a less useful way to travel please fix this issue. Thanks Full Review

  • Lyft
    Ornella Lewis Published date: February 18, 2018

    Visiting the US and my phone is on roaming despite my country option was there to be selected the app never accepted it... Full Review